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Playliner is a leading provider of competitive intelligence for free-to-play mobile game developers
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Staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments is crucial for success in the constantly evolving market. Our Market Review provides a unique and valuable perspective on the industry through our analysis of new soft-launched games. Make informed decisions on which games to invest in and identify new trends and opportunities.
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... then deep dive into competitor games to learn
Our services include in-depth analysis and deconstruction of games, helping you stay ahead of the competition by identifying the most successful strategies and tactics, and providing you with insights on how to implement them in your own games. We also provide benchmarking services to ensure that your game is optimized to stand out in the market.
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...and keep creating unique content for your players!
Learn about your competition by exploring their mechanics, monetization, and more using our market-leading database of features, offers, and Live-Ops. Our online platform provides you with access to continuously growing library of some 150 000 updates with screenshots, revealing you the latest trends and best practices in the industry, and helping you make informed decisions that will improve your game's performance and increase user engagement.
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Three Good Reasons
We work hard every day to make the games of our clients better
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    Superior quality ensured by over 10 years experience in competitive analytics
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    Access to a market-leading database + wide range of tailored custom support services
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    Our teams and processes work efficiently, allowing us to stay cost-competitive
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