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"Using Playliner is a more efficient way for us to conduct this analysis than building a team in-house."
- Jerome Turnbull, General Manager, Games at AppLovin
Data-backed and detailed analysis
High-quality reports with insights that are easy to understand and implement
We provide comprehensive analysis of games, including its mechanics, monetization strategies, and user engagement tactics. Our actionable insights help our clients improve their own games or develop new ones that are more engaging and profitable.

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our experienced team works efficiently and can respond the needs of our clients quickly, enabling timely and informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.
  • List, purpose and description of game mechanics and modes
  • How mechanics shape game cycles
  • Motivation to use mechanics
  • What values the player gets in the mechanics
  • When certain mechanics arise in the game
  • Game goals created by mechanics
  • Links between mechanics through goals and resources

  • How monetization systems and the economy as a whole work
  • Distribution of the expense and income of game currencies and items at different game stages
  • Purchase drivers
  • Points of conversion to payers
  • How game problems look like when players encounter them
  • How in-game promotions and the game store work
  • What progress looks like in the game
  • What motivates the player to progress
  • Which mechanics are most important to progress
  • What is the difference between the progress of paying and non-paying players
  • How long and how often the player uses mechanics at different game stages
  • How often the player receives new content
  • How game goals are presented, how they are reinforced, and how they interact
  • Extract the balance of game mechanics: settings, rewards
  • Extract the entire balance of the game
  • List and parameters of in-game content
  • Level difficulty curve
  • Real chances in probabilistic mechanics
  • List and description of in-game events
  • Events calendar
  • Mechanics, retention, monetization and balance of events
How it works
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    Send us any questions about deconstructing one or more games of interest

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    After the request, we will create an offer for you with the methodology and the research period
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    We develop and deliver the resulting report that answers your questions

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