Market Review
"Playliner is a great tool for staying informed about the latest trends in the mobile gaming industry."
- Tatyana Bugaeva, Producer, Mytona
Keep your finger on the pulse
To succeed in the constantly evolving market
Our Market Review provides a unique and valuable perspective on the industry through our analysis of new soft-launched games.

Avoid spending time and money in researching and testing the latest games and let your team focus actual development. Rely on our experts to provide you the insights you need to know. Our team knows the industry.
How it works
  • 1
    Starting with the big picture
    We test all soft launches in selected genres to identify most interesting new releases and keep track of the market
  • 2
    Diving deeper
    We look deeper into the top releases to reveal unique and trending mechanics, themes and features
  • 3
    Summarizing key takeaways to our platform
    Market Review provides up to 10 game reviews with key insights + screenshots per month, consisting of the most interesting releases