Updates & Live-Ops platform
Helping you to create high-quality and unique content for your players
Plan your Live-Ops
A growing library of close to 150,000 updates with screenshots and detailed descriptions related to Live-Ops, offers, and new features of leading F2P games

The demo access requires signing in to our platform. The data presented in the demo includes one game which changes every two weeks.
Live-ops calendar
Develop and optimize Live-Ops strategy for your game
  • Discover all types of events which top game developers work on
  • Understand optimal launch ratio of each event type
  • Learn best practices of event patterns
Updates news feed
Be the first to know about unique events, offers and features of leading games
  • Analyze historical changes to learn from the experience of other game developers
  • Avoid costly mistakes and minimize the need for A/B testing
  • Identify key features and events to increase the retention and income of your game
Implementation details
Obtain detailed information on events, mechanics and differences between games
  • See detailed overview with screenshots of every mechanic and event
  • Version history helps you to understand evolution of every game feature
  • Allows you to know how and why some features work and how they affect player behavior
  • Helps you to create high-quality and unique content for your players
Live-Ops Explorer
Understand popular event types, identify trends, and learn optimal event duration
  • Conduct your own analysis using our update library
  • Focus on games or features of your interest
  • Visit the Live-Ops Explorer page for more info
Get ideas for mechanics, features and ways to monetize when creating or updating events in your game.
  • 1
    Obtain detailed information
    To understand how different events engage, retain and monetize users, what rewards motivate players, etc.
  • 2
    The duration and intensity of events to understand audience preferences
  • 3
    How leading companies are experimenting with event updates and event frequency to create a constant rhythm of opportunities, actions and reactions to engage and monetize players