Mobile games' deconsturction
Understand games' systems, monetization and retention
Challenges we solve
In the process of developing or supporting a game, it’s inevitable that you will have some questions about reference games

  • List, purpose and description of game mechanics and modes
  • How mechanics shape game cycles
  • Motivation to use mechanics
  • What values the player gets in the mechanics
  • When certain mechanics arise in the game
  • Game goals created by mechanics
  • Links between mechanics through goals and resources

  • How monetization systems and the economy as a whole work
  • Distribution of the expense and income of game currencies and items at different game stages
  • Purchase drivers
  • Points of conversion to payers
  • How game problems look like when players encounter them
  • How in-game promotions and the game store work
  • What progress looks like in the game
  • What motivates the player to progress
  • Which mechanics are most important to progress
  • What is the difference between the progress of paying and non-paying players
  • How long and how often the player uses mechanics at different game stages
  • How often the player receives new content
  • How game goals are presented, how they are reinforced, and how they interact
  • Extract the balance of game mechanics: settings, rewards
  • Extract the entire balance of the game
  • List and parameters of in-game content
  • Level difficulty curve
  • Real chances in probabilistic mechanics
  • List and description of in-game events
  • Events calendar
  • Mechanics, retention, monetization and balance of events
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