Terms of Use
Last updated October 24, 2022

These TERMS OF USE (the “Terms”) governs the use of Playliner Oy’s (“Playliner”) Playliner Online Service (“Service”) and the relationship between Playliner Oy and the user of the Service (“User”).

1. Terms and definitions

Playliner Website, or Website shall mean the website located at https://playliner.com, that the User uses to access the Playliner Service.

Playliner Mobile Application shall mean a computer program running on mobile devices under Android and iOS, and intended to access and use the Playliner Service.

Mobile devices are compact mobile computers, including smartphones and tablets, designed for web browsing and web services, entertainment and communication.

Playliner Service, or Service shall mean online service in the form of a computer program and database, designed for studying and analyzing the functionality of mobile games (including updates and in-game economy) that are successful on various platforms, countries, regions and worldwide.

Playliner Basic Functionality shall mean the complex of data and software of the Service that is available to User from the moment of his/her visit to the Website and/or registration on the Service and intended for introductory non-commercial use.

Playliner Advanced Functionality shall mean the complex of data and software of the Service, the rights to which can be acquired by the User on the basis of separate Terms between the User and the Playliner as well as in other cases stipulated by this Terms.

User shall mean an individual, a user of the Service.

User’s Account shall mean User’s account which allows Playliner to identify each User in order to in order to enable him/her to use the Service.

2. Terms of accession to this Terms

This Terms is considered as a public offer of the Playliner to the Users. Registration of the User in the Service and/or any use of the Service or the Website shall mean the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Terms by the User, as well as rights and obligations regarding the use of the Service. If the User does not agree with any terms of this Terms, he or she shall refuse to register with the Service and cease any use of it. Any use of the Service functionality by both registered and unregistered users shall mean acceptance of the terms of this Terms, including an obligation to follow the rules of using the Service.

3. General conditions of use of the Playliner Service (Basic and Advanced Service functionality)

3.1. The Playliner provides the User with the right and limited license to visit the Website and use the Service under the conditions and within the limits provided by this Terms.

3.2. By default the User receives access to Playliner Basic Functionality. Playliner Basic Functionality has an introductory function and allows the User to get an impression of the Service and its functionality. Without registration in the Service, the User can access a landing page that describes the advantages of the Service, as well as access to some text materials. After registration in the Service, the User receives access to the news of the market of computer games.

3.3. Playliner Advanced Functionality can be accessed on the basis of separate Terms between the User and the Playliner or as agreed by the User and Playliner for testing and discussing the possibility of signing Terms between the User and the Playliner, and which may include:
  • Granting the right to use the Playliner Service database which contains data on updates and in-game economy of top mobile games with the ability to search, group and filter the data;
  • Other advanced services.

3.4. The Playliner can use within the Service screenshots of mobile games available for public download in mobile app stores, as well as other publicly available information about top mobile games solely for informational and analytics purposes. All such information is taken by the Playliner from public sources and is not confidential. Except for the above publicly available data, no other data will be used and posted within the Service or transmitted to third parties.

3.5. A User has the right to register and use only one Account within the Service. The User is not entitled to transfer, sell or provide access to his/her Account to third parties, as well as use an account owned by another person. In case of violation of this requirement, such User’s Account shall be deleted or permanently blocked.

3.6. The User understands and agrees that the Playliner is not responsible for the use of the Service by the User, including in the case of using the Service for purposes that do not meet the objectives defined by this Terms.

4. The procedure for using the Service

4.1. All intellectual property rights to use the Service and its elements are owned exclusively by the Playliner, and the User is granted the right to use the Service and Playliner Basic and Advanced functionality for the purposes specified in this Terms.

4.2. When publishing data obtained via Playliner Basic Functionality of the Service the User shall include a compulsory hyperlink to the Website https://playliner.com, to indicate the source of such data.

4.3. Publishing data obtained via Playliner Basic Functionality available after registration on the Website, as well as sharing such data with third parties or persons is only allowed after receiving a written consent of Playliner which can be requested and obtained via email at contact@playliner.com.

4.4. The publication of data relating to the Playliner Advanced functionality, in original or modified form, as well as the transfer of these data to any third parties is strictly prohibited and constitutes a significant violation of this Terms. Unless otherwise expressly provided for in a separate Terms between the User and the Playliner, in certain cases the User can be granted a limited right to use the data available as a result of using the Advanced Playliner functionality solely for internal non-commercial use. The user may not reproduce the specified data in whole or in part, in any form or method, without the prior written permission of Playliner. The User has no right to transfer to third parties, distribute, modify, sell, post on the Internet or otherwise make available to third parties any data related to the Playliner Advanced functionality which can be available to the User in their original, modified or amended form.

4.5. The user visits the Website and accesses to its content on his/her own initiative. On using the Website, the User is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and policies of all relevant jurisdictions. The User agrees not to take actions that may be considered as violating the laws of Finland or international law, including intellectual property rights, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that result or may be resulted to disruption of the Website or Service.

4.6. Any means of individualization, including trademarks and service marks, as well as the logos and emblems contained on the pages of the Website, are the intellectual property of their respective owners. The User is prohibited from reproducing or otherwise using such means of individualization and/or their elements without the prior consent of their respective owners.

4.7. Playliner is not responsible for visiting by the User, as well as any use by him/her of any external resources (third party websites), links to which may be contained on the Website or within the Service. Playliner is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability and security of any information, materials, recommendations and services posted on external resources. The use of external resources is carried out by the User voluntarily, at his/her sole discretion and at his/her own risk.

4.8. Playliner operates the Website independently and at its discretion, including the definition and modification of its structure, appearance and functionality.

4.9. Playliner may suspend, restrict or terminate User’s access to all or any of the sections of the Website, Basic or Advanced Functionality of the Service, including in the case of maintenance work, at any time without giving reasons, with or without prior notice to the User unless otherwise is expressly provided for by applicable law or the relevant Terms between Playliner and the User.

4.10. Playliner may delete the User Account in the event that the User performs actions that violate applicable law or the provisions of this Terms, including in cases of violation of the conditions of clauses 4.2-4.4 of this Terms, as well as in the cases specified in Section 6 “Prohibited actions”, unless otherwise provided for by applicable law.

4.11. The User agrees that the Playliner has the right to send to the User messages of an advertising or informational nature, including via e-mail or by any other accessible means, on behalf of Playliner or its partners; however, the User has the right to refuse to receive such messages by following the instructions specified in these messages.

4.12. The Playliner independently determines the order and conditions of advertising on the Website.

5. Account and other User data

The processing of data of users of the Service is governed by the Privacy Policy regarding the use of the Playliner Service located on the Website at: https://playliner.com/policies/privacy_policy.

6. Prohibited actions

When using the Service, the User is prohibited from:

6.1. Violate the intellectual property rights of the Playliner in relation to the Service or any elements thereof;

6.2. Reproduce, distribute, process for commercial or non-commercial purposes the elements of the Service that are subject of the Playliner’s or any third party’s copyright without expressed written consent from the right holder to do so;

6.3. Perform attempts of unauthorized access to management of the Service;

6.4. Use the Service for purposes and (or) by methods not expressly provided for in this Terms;

6.5. Use the Service, as well as data obtained as a result of using the Service, for commercial purposes without entering into a separate Terms with the Playliner;

6.6. Perform any automated data download from the Website;

6.7. Violate in any way the intellectual property rights of third parties, including when using the Service, as well as for the purpose of gaining access to the Service or its Advanced functionality;

6.8. To collect personal data of other users and/or other information on the Website, including by using automatic means;

6.9. Post, reproduce, process, distribute, publish on the Website, communicate to the public, transmit, sell or otherwise use in whole or in part the materials of the Website, the Service and third parties that are subject to copyright and other exclusive rights without their prior consent, except cases where the right holder explicitly expressed his consent to the free use of his materials by any person;

6.10. Specify when registering on the Website or when further using the Service, knowingly false information or data of third parties;

6.11. Use an Account registered to another person;

6.12. Transfer, sell or provide the ability to use his/her Account to third parties;

6.13. Upload, distribute or apply during the use of the Service any malware, Trojan executable files or other programs that are capable of gaining unauthorized access to the data of Service or third parties, as well as introduce changes to program code and settings of the Service or programs installed on users’ computers.

7. Warranties and Liability

7.1. The User is responsible for any actions carried out using his account on the Website, including unlawful actions.

7.2. The Service, including all its scripts, design, etc., is provided “as is”. Playliner does not provide any guarantee that the Service or its elements may be suitable for specific purposes of use. The Playliner is not responsible for any failures and interruptions in the operation of the Service and the loss of information caused by them. The Playliner shall not be liable for any damage to the User’s equipment or software caused or associated with the use of the Service or resulting from links to websites of third parties available via hyperlinks accessible on the Service.

7.3. Playliner is not responsible for any unlawful actions of the User or third parties when using the Website.

7.4. Playliner is not responsible for the infringement by the User of the intellectual property rights of other users or third parties, including unauthorized use by the User of mobile applications or their individual elements.

7.5. In the event any claims or claims are brought against Playliner by third parties in connection with the User’s use of the Site, including compensation for harm to specified persons, or related to a violation of the legislation by the User, the User resolves these claims and claims on their own and at their own expense. Playliner has the right to transfer to the specified persons all information about the User available to him in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law.

7.6. Playliner is not responsible for the User’s loss of access to his Account.

7.7. Under no circumstances shall Playliner be liable for any damage (direct or indirect, incidental or consequential), including loss of business reputation, loss of data or profits, arising from the use or inability to use the Site, the Service, information, software, files or materials on The site, even if Playliner or its representatives were warned about the possibility of such a loss. In case the use of the Site leads to the need for Advanced maintenance, repair or repair of any equipment, as well as data recovery, all costs associated with this are paid by the User on their own.

7.8. For the violation by the User of the conditions stipulated in Clause 4.4 of this Terms, the User undertakes to reimburse the Playliner the losses caused by such violation in full.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. This Terms and the relationship of the Parties in connection with its execution are governed by the laws of Finland. All disputes arising from or related to this Terms shall be settled in Helsinki by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

8.2. Obligations of the Playliner are limited by the terms and conditions of this Terms.

8.3. It is not the responsibility of the Playliner to provide the User with access to the Internet, services for setting up or diagnosing mobile devices, computers, software, etc.

8.4. The User may use the Service in all territories where the Service is accessible using standard devices and programs.

8.5. The User can terminate this Terms at any time by cease using the Service.

8.6 Playliner may at any time without notifying the User, terminate this Terms unilaterally with immediate termination of access and use of the Service and without reimbursement of any costs, damages or return received under the Terms unless otherwise expressly provided by applicable law.

8.7. If one or more provisions of this Terms are deemed invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of the Terms.

8.8. The User confirms that he/she has read and understood provisions of this Terms and unconditionally accepts them.

8.9. This Terms may be amended by Playliner unilaterally at any time. Any changes to this Terms will take effect from the moment such changes are posted on the Website. Further use of the Service after Terms has been changed will mean the User’s consent to comply with the amended Terms.

9. Contact information

All questions and claims regarding this Terms may be sent to the Playliner by e-mail: contact@playliner.com.