Soft Launch:
Candy Crush 3D

The top developers of Matching Puzzle games are trying their hand at a new trending genre — Match 3D
After Peak Games's Match Factory, a new product from King appeared in the store — Candy Crush 3D.
The game uses a setting familiar to players, with characters from past games. There is no meta mechanic yet, and no monetization. Therefore, for now we will focus on analyzing the core mechanic in detail (1-100 levels videos).
Candy Crush 3D has familiar characters and game setting
Transition from skills to speed play
Since the core gameplay of Match 3D games does not require players to have special skills or calculate their moves, the developers have complicated the gameplay by increasing the speed of the game.
Large goals + little time = player inattention
The player is unable to complete the level objectives when the game speed is slow. And at high speed, the player begins to make mistakes when choosing objects and loses due to lack of space on the collection board.
Losing due to inattention
Losing due to time limit
Booster as an incentive to play even faster
The game has one booster, and it complements the game's main goal — to rush the players.
How does the booster work?
  • the player collects three objects. This is counted as the first streak step. A timer appears and immediately starts counting down automatically
  • the player collects a set of three objects before the timer expires. The second streak step is counted and a new timer appears
  • in the same way, the player goes through the next streak steps. With each step, the time on the timer decreases
  • at step 4, the player receives a level 1 booster. The booster automatically flies over to the playing field
  • at step 7, the player receives a level 2 booster
  • at steps 10 and 14, the player receives a level 3 booster
  • if the player fails to collect three objects at any of the steps, the streak starts over
  • the higher the booster level, the more objects it removes from the field when activated. To activate it, you need to tap it
  • after step 14, the timer is too fast, and the player is unable to collect a new set of three
Getting boosters of different levels. The booster automatically flies over to the field when the player passes a certain streak step
Level 1 booster activation. To activate it, you need to tap the booster on the playing field
Level 2 booster activation
Level 3 booster activation
Similar-looking objects as a complication
All Match 3D games make levels more difficult by adding similar-looking objects. However, if the player is attentive, they will be able to distinguish one object from another. Candy Crush 3D has added some objects that, from a certain angle, are indistinguishable from each other.
Chocolate squares with white and dark chocolate look identical when viewed from the side or back. It makes the game more difficult
Levels with different goals for different user experiences
Popular games in the Match 3D genre have 2 types of level goals:
  • removing all objects from the field
  • collecting only target objects on the field
In Candy Crush 3D, the developer combined both of these. There are levels with each option.
Level with goals
Level where you need to collect all elements
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