Soft launch:
Match Factory!

The game sets new standards for the core Match 3D mechanic: more dynamics and detail
Peak Games released a new game Match Factory!
The game has a standard 3D Match mechanic and standard progression mechanics for this genre: rewards for collecting stars and completing levels.
Example of a game level. The player collects 3 identical elements. Collected elements disappear
For completing a certain number of levels, the player receives a chest with a reward
For collecting stars, the player receives a chest with a reward
Look & Feel is the main advantage of Match Factory
The game stands out for its detailed and interesting animation.
Improved animations in the core mechanic
Compared to other popular Match 3D games, we noted:
  • improved animation of moving an item onto the collection board: the player sees the selected item jump up and land on the board. In other games, the animation is a little blurry: the item instantly moves to the board
  • added animation of the collection board itself when an item is moved onto it
An example of animation on a game level
An example of animation on a game level in the Triple Match 3D
Realistic animation of boosters
The player sees the booster interacting with items on the field. For example, a fan turns on and shuffles the items, or a spring throws an item back.

In other Match 3D games, boosters are also depicted as certain items. But these items are not used in animation. The player sees only the result of the booster's use: how the items are shuffled or how an item is brought back to the field.
The vacuum cleaner removes 3 identical target elements from the field
The spring returns the last element taken from the board to the field
The fan shuffles all the elements in the game level
The ice cannon freezes the timer for 10 seconds
An example of booster animation in the Triple Match 3D
Home screen: immersion in the atmosphere of the game
The background of the home screen corresponds to the game's theme: a factory for collecting items is shown. After each level, the player sees an animation of how items are collected in a box and packaged, like in a factory

This design of the home screen is standard for games of the Matching Puzzle genre but has not previously been seen in popular Match 3D games.
After each level, the items collected at the level are packed into a box. Then the next box appears for a new level
1. The game sets new standards for the core Match 3D mechanic: more dynamics and detail.

2. We believe that the game will be further developing along the path of Toon Blast. Most likely, the developers will add:
  • a meta, like episodes in Toon Blast
  • more live-ops. At the moment, we encountered only one event
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