The Secret of Monopoly Go! Success
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We have tested Monopoly Go and Coin Master on two accounts: non-payer and whale, over a month. These tests allowed us to fully deconstruct both games, pinpointing what was innovated in Monopoly Go versus what was borrowed from Coin Master. These distinguishing features could very well be the keys to Monopoly Go's success
Monopoly Go's strategy: Challenging long-standing leaders in the gaming market
  • How animation dynamics and core gameplay mechanics influence the player
  • How to add excitement to the game to keep players constantly in tension
  • How to best structure the social component of the game
  • How many progression mechanics are needed to maximize player retention
  • Which mechanics engage players most effectively
  • How many rewards should be given to non-paying players to keep them in the game
  • How much should paying players be charged for purchases
  • Effective methods to convert non-paying players to paying ones
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The Most Detailed Deconstruction of Monopoly Go! Ever
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  • $845
    Spendings in both games
  • 138 hours
    Duration of analyzed playtests
  • 124 pages
    Total report length
  • 1420 hours
    Time invested in analysis and data collection
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