Royal Match:
Dragon Nest

New co-operative event with a friend, where players raise a dragon together
This type of event became a trend following the introduction of the Partners event in Monopoly Go. In games, the mechanics for earning event points vary, and the collaborative tasks with a friend also exhibit diversity:
  • Monopoly Go: wheel of luck mechanics come into play for point accumulation, with players engaging in activities such as preparing dishes or creating gifts
  • Cash Frenzy: wheel of luck mechanics, with players coming together to decorate a Christmas tree
  • Royal Match: the Plinko Plinko mechanic involves players raising a dragon together
Event mechanics
  • an event appears on a schedule when entering the game
  • the player invites one of their friends to join them in raising a dragon
  • once the friend joins, a dragon egg emerges
  • the player taps the egg, unveiling the Plinko mini-game field
  • balls are required for the mini-game, and the player earns them by completing levels
  • using a spring, the player launches a ball onto the field and plays the Plinko mini-game
  • in this mini-game, the player earns tokens required to level up the dragon
  • the player's friend also collects tokens in the same way
  • by collaboratively amassing a specific number of tokens with the friend, the player levels up the dragon
  • the dragon has three leveling stages. Upon reaching each level, the player is rewarded
  • leveling up four dragons to the maximum level grants the player the final reward
The event button is visible to the player upon starting the game. The event button brings up the event window
The "Continue" button prompts the player to invite a friend for collaborative dragon raising
The "+" button brings up a window featuring various invitation options. The player accepts an invitation from another player, and a dragon egg emerges
When the player taps the dragon egg, the Plinko mini-game is initiated
The player taps the green button on the spring and drags it downward without releasing the finger. At the bottom, the player releases the finger, and the ball shoots onto the game field
The ball falls down the field, colliding with obstacles. The player earns tokens with each collision with an obstacle. The player can see the accumulated tokens being credited to the reward bar
The player is introduced to the ball multiplier and is invited to play with an x5 multiplier
If the player runs out of balls, they return to the regular levels
By completing a level, the player earns balls, the number of which is determined by the level's difficulty
The player uses the earned balls in the mini-game and continues to accumulate tokens
When the player returns to the event, they notice that their friend is also earning tokens and filling up the reward bar
When the player and their friend collect enough tokens, the player is automatically rewarded, and the dragon's appearance changes
By leveling up a dragon to higher stages, the player will receive the following rewards
By raising all 4 dragons, the player will receive a chest reward as well as a unique avatar frame
Ways for obtaining balls
  • the number of earned balls depends on the difficulty level: 1 for a regular level, 3 for a hard level, and 5 for a super hard level
  • at the start of the event, the player receives 6 balls as a gift
  • balls are provided as rewards in concurrent events
Completing a regular level grants the player 1 ball
Completing a hard level grants the player 3 balls
The player receives 6 balls at the start of a level
Balls are provided as rewards in concurrent events
Ball multiplier
  • in the game, there are ball multipliers: x5, x10, and x50
  • when using a multiplier, the number of balls used in one round increases by that factor, and the number of tokens won per round also increases by the same factor
The player can change the ball multiplier by tapping the button on the right side of the screen
An example of playing with an x10 multiplier. The player uses 10 balls in a single round. The tokens earned in the round are multiplied by 10
An example of playing with an x50 multiplier
Plinko mini-game
  • in the mini-game, 1 ball is used per round with an x1 multiplier
  • the round begins with launching the ball onto the game field. To do this, the player swipes down the spring, stretching it, and then releases the finger
  • the ball shoots out of the spring and falls onto the top of the field. The force of the spring launch determines the point on the field where the ball will start falling
  • there are 7 obstacle circles on the field. When the ball falls, it hits these obstacles, changing its flight direction. Hits against the side walls also alter the ball's direction
  • as a result, the ball falls into one of the 7 holes at the bottom of the field, and the round ends
Token acquisition in the mini-game
  • each obstacle has 10 divisions. With each hit of the ball on any obstacle, one bar is filled simultaneously on all obstacles. The player receives 1 token (with an x1 multiplier)
  • when all 10 divisions are filled, an additional hit on any obstacle provides 10 tokens (with an x1 multiplier)
  • after this, hits on obstacles in the current round do not earn tokens
  • each hole at the bottom of the field indicates multipliers. The ball's landing hole determines the multiplier applied to all tokens earned during the round
  • after the round ends, all tokens earned in the current round are automatically credited to the player's account
An example of completing a round in the mini-game
Obstacles with which the ball collides to earn tokens
With each collision, the bar around each obstacle is filled. The +1 numbers indicate that the player has earned 1 token for each collision
At the end of the round, the ball falls into one of the holes at the bottom of the field. The multiplier displayed on the hole determines the amount by which the earned tokens will be multiplied
Event goals and rewards
To level up the dragon, the player needs to collect tokens:
  • for level 1: 5,000 tokens
  • for level 2: 10,000 tokens
  • for level 3: 20,000 tokens
Event rewards include:
  • premium currency
  • boosters
  • unique avatar frame
Goals for collecting tokens to level up the dragon. All dragons share the same goals and rewards
A chest as the final reward for leveling up all dragons
Additionally, leveling up all dragons rewards the player with a unique avatar frame
Additional information
  • the player can simultaneously raise 4 dragons with different friends
  • all the dragons the player is currently raising will appear on the event button
  • the player has the flexibility to raise a dragon both with friends and club members
When the player raises less than 4 dragons, a button appears on the home screen to invite other players to the event
The player can invite random players suggested by the game. If the player has friends, they will be listed in this selection. If there are no friends, the game will suggest random players
The player can invite not only friends but also team members to raise dragons
The player accepts an invitation from a team member
The player can raise 4 dragons simultaneously, and each of them has a distinct appearance
The event button constantly features animations of the player's dragons, and the names of the players with whom they are raising dragons are displayed
Event rules
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