Double rewards, super prizes + daily tasks… keys to success!

SciPlay experienced significant revenue growth in both Q4 and the full year of 2022, with a remarkable 18% increase in the fourth quarter and 11% increase for the entire year. This success was, in part, due to the outstanding performance of Jackpot Party Casino, which achieved its second consecutive quarterly record revenue in Q4 of 2022.

To enhance the players' engagement, three events with tasks were introduced in the game in 2022, providing players with the opportunity to receive prizes upon completion. In addition, these events were structured in such a way that completing tasks in one event led to double rewards in another. Furthermore, certain events featured super prizes that were drawn among players who fulfilled specific requirements.

These events not only increased player engagement and motivation to return to the game every day, thereby improving retention rates, but also motivated players to play at high stakes, ultimately leading to an increase in game revenue. The inclusion of events with a super prize increased the excitement and involvement of players, further boosting engagement and monetization.

Finally, the daily task mechanism, implemented through various events and reinforced, played a crucial role in the game's revenue growth, as well as the overall success of the company.

Detailed live-ops data about all events, features, and offers for Jackpot Party Casino Slots are available for free in Playliner SAAS until March 16, 2023.