An interesting example of survivorship bias in live ops!

The new event where the player gets a reward multiplier for clearing levels on the 1st attempt has been introduced to Project Makeover. The event appeared in the game only once and has never been repeated. At the same time, similar events are actively used in games such as Homescapes and Matchington Mansion.
When you are planning an event, it is important to study not only successful cases of its use, but also cases where the event did not lead to the desired results.
What is "survivorship bias"?
Survivorship bias is a systematic selection bias that occurs when extensive data is available for a particular group of objects (referred to as "survivors"), but very limited data exists for another group ("dead"). As a result, researchers tend to focus on identifying shared traits among the "survivors," often overlooking the equally important insights concealed within the "dead" group.
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