Innovations: Top Casual & Casino Games (January 2024)

We monitor the top 150 highest-grossing games in the Casual and Social Casino genres. In January, these games collectively received 561 updates. Out of these, 35 updates featured unique and innovative elements. In this article, we will review 5 of these interesting innovations.

1. Extremely Low-Priced Offers ($0.5)

We've encountered such low-priced offers in two games: Match Masters and Garden Affairs.
It might be an A/B test, or our accounts have been moved to a rare segment, as we've never seen this in the top 150 grossing games. This pricing policy likely increases the conversion rate.

Big Blue Sale in Match Masters and 50% Coupon in Garden Affairs

2. Lite Mode

Lite Mode, first introduced in Solitaire Grand Harvest, becomes available during a shortage of currency. In this mode, players can play core mechanic without initial expenses. Upon winning, they earn a small amount of currency as a reward.
This is a way to keep the player. The new mode gives players free activity while they are waiting for a bonus or when they lack a small amount to start a level.
It's better for players to engage with Lite Mode within the game rather than switching to a different game, right?

Solitaire Grand Harvest Lite Mode

A similar mechanic, with variations, is found in games of the Slot genre. However, it remains uncommon in other Casual games.

3. Follow Us on WhatsApp

Chapters - Interactive Stories introduced a unique feature: rewarding players for following the game on WhatsApp. More channels where players subscribe equals more opportunities for remarketing.

Follow Us on WhatsApp in Chapters - Interactive Stories

4. Event Starting Bet

Clockmaker introduced an event where players place a bet before the event starts. During the event, players complete levels and earn bowling pins, with the reward being ten times their initial bet.
This betting mechanic increases players' motivation not to lose, as the potential for high rewards is directly tied to the risk of losing their initial bet.

5. Daily Bonus Mini-Game

Toon Blast introduced a unique daily bonus that requires players to participate in a mini-game. In this mini-game, players tap falling gifts and avoid tapping TNTs.
This mini-game approach adds an element of fun, transforming the routine task of collecting rewards from mere clicks into an enjoyable and interactive experience.

What's Next?

In our upcoming article, we will explore mechanics that have had a notable impact on revenue, recently introduced by developers in the Casual and Social Casino genres.
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