How to hook players with live-ops

Giving players a sense of progress is key to keeping them engaged throughout their session. The more progress they perceive, the more enjoyable the gameplay becomes. Unlike permanent mechanics, events offer layers of temporary progress.

If players become accustomed to permanent mechanics and find regular progress less exciting, events can provide a new experience and re-engage them.
When adding new events to a game, it's crucial that events in the game should not operate in isolation from other events; they should be interconnected. A common way to link events is through rewards, where rewards from one event aid progress in another.
Simply adding a single "Lava Quest" to the game won't be a game changer. However, rethinking the entire event system will significantly impact metrics.
Looking for examples? Observe how it's implemented in top games. For instance, we've analyzed how events create engaging session flow in Royal Match. Read the report.
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