Competition events played a significant role in Royal Match in 2022

Have you decorated King Robert's castle already? We are not surprised if you have, as Royal Match by Dream Games is one of the success stories of the past two years. The growth has been exceptional, both in terms of revenue and downloads, with monthly revenue exceeding USD 46 million in 2022 (+77% YoY). We took a quick look at our platform to see what the developer team has been working on in 2022.

The game is successfully targeting competitive players through events

In Royal Match, four new events have been released this year, three of which include a competition mechanic. The new events complement the existing competition events, which have been the running through the year with high launch frequency. On average, Royal Match had 36 competition events per month, while on average, the monthly launch frequency of this type of events in top Match-3 games is below 10. The game is clearly targeting players who love to compete and are willing to pay for winnings.

Competitive events not only engage users in the main gameplay, but also motivate them to return more often and spend more. Players who are competitive by nature are not only motivated by the desire to reach the top charts, but also by the need to maintain their position.

We have found that several key factors have contributed to the success of competitive events in Royal Match, including:

  • Proper matchmaking, where the game effectively pairs players in competitive groups/leaderboards, creating a sense of achievable victory and increasing motivation.
  • Effective communication with players, through promotions and a user-friendly interface, that encourages participation in competitions.
  • Timely offers, which provide players with advantages during competitions and periods of high demand.

The most popular competition was the Lightning Rush, which was launched on average every second day throughout the year. The goal of the event is to collect as many points (energy) as possible within one hour, which are awarded for each element destroyed when the Light Ball bonus is activated.

Strong LiveOps driving performance

Other popular event types in Royal Match included Collection events, in which players must collect elements to complete tasks, and Team events. In total, the game had more than 70 events or offers each month, which is an impressive amount and contributed to the game's strong performance. Here's a list of the events and offers and their launch frequency, as seen in Playliner SAAS:

We expect Royal Match to maintain its position in the charts in 2023, thanks to heavy investments in user acquisition (such as the launch of the first TV commercial in the US) and a successful LiveOps strategy that drives revenue growth. If you're interested in learning more about the LiveOps and other updates of Royal Match, please take a look at our demo. The data is available for free until February 1, 2023.