Expedition meta mechanics - a new trend in Match-3?

In 2021, Playrix introduced a new in-game event featuring the Expedition mechanic in Gardenscapes. A year later, Playrix rolled out the same event in Homescapes, Fishdom, and Township. Read on to find out why!

Meta mechanics are an effective way to give players new experiences through content progression. Players continuously discover new things (such as decorations, collections, etc.), explore new game worlds, interact with new characters, and learn new stories.

An example of an Expedition event in Playrix games is The Wood Estate Mystery event in Homescapes.

What makes Expedition meta mechanics interesting?

The Expedition meta mechanic is appealing for several reasons:

  • New experience. Expedition meta mechanic provides casual audiences with something fresh and adds to the game's enjoyment.
  • Adaptable to any genre. Expedition meta mechanics can be easily integrated into casual games without affecting other gameplay mechanics.
  • Opportunity to attract new audiences. Expeditions can be set in any location, separate from the main game setting. This creates a variety of marketing opportunities as ad creatives can utilize a diverse range of settings for in-game expedition events.
  • Enhancing player monetization options. To progress in the Expeditions, a lot of energy is required, which can either be restored over time or purchased with real money.
  • Long-term retention. It helps immerse players in the game and keeps their attention for a longer period

Classic farming games that incorporate the Expedition meta gameplay have a high RpD. For example, Playliner's research found that in Family Island, players spent 60% of their premium currency on Expeditions!

Introducing meta mechanics can broaden a game's audience, boost player monetization and enhance long-term engagement. As one of the largest Match-3 publishers has adopted the Expedition meta mechanic, it's likely to become a trend also in this genre.

Detailed data about all events, features, and offers for Homescapes is available for free in Playliner demo until February 16, 2023.