Factors behind the growth of Solitaire Grand Harvest

Solitaire Grand Harvest's annual revenue grew by 21.5% compared to the previous year, while the revenue per download (RpD) increased by 12% to 10.65. What factors contributed to this growth?
As seen from our calendar, the game has been actively introducing new events, mini-games, and offers to its players:
In June, for example, they introduced the cards collection feature, which involves players in the main gameplay and events and affects long-term player retention.
Additionally, two new events were added to motivate players to participate in linked events, increasing their involvement in the game and motivating them to spend more boosters.
Furthermore, a mini-game was introduced that allows players to purchase participation using premium currency, providing an engaging experience and increasing the number of purchases and ARPPU.
Finally, three new offers were added to improve the monetization of various segments of players.
These updates contributed to the growth of the game's revenue, and further updates have helped to strengthen this trend.

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