Empowering Players: The "Try and Buy" Advantage

In Brawl Stars by Supercell, you have the fantastic opportunity to dive into the world of the newest character, Buzz, through practice matches and training grounds before making a commitment. Think of it as trying out a game demo before making a big purchase!
The 'Try' feature can enhance the overall game experience.
Why It's Worth Your Attention?

Putting You in Control: It's all about you! No more second-guessing – you get a firsthand experience of what the offer holds before making a decision.

Transparency: Supercell believes in keeping things straightforward. "Try and Buy" lets you explore Buzz's abilities and gameplay style, helping you make a more informed choice.

Encouraging Engaged Gaming: Making an informed choice increases the likelihood of you joining the action. It could improve conversions, ARPPU, Overall revenues, and engagement.

Building Strong Bonds: Trust builds loyalty. Allowing players to sample a character before buying showcases a commitment to player satisfaction and strengthens their connection with the game.
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