How difficulty curve increases retention and monetization in Royal Match

Our analysis of difficulty curve of 500 levels in Royal Match by Dream Games has uncovered two crucial factors that have a huge impact on the success of the game. These are:

1. A lot of near loss moments

A player feels excited when they almost lose but then win. There are 2x more near loss moments in Royal Match compared to Candy Crush Saga. The game satisfies the player's need for adrenaline rush and increases the pleasure of winning. Players are more likely to return to games that bring them more emotion. The strength of the emotion depends on how close the player is to victory.
2. A lot of almost win moments

When a player loses the level and only few level goals are left, they are likely to purchase extra moves and boosters to continue and win. A study by Playliner showed that in Royal Match there are 2x more such moments compared to Homescapes. The game builds a difficulty curve in such a way that players have a feeling that victory is close. In this case, the probability of continuing the game and making a purchase is higher.

A game that supports the player's sense of excitement and the feeling that victory is close and achievable better retains and monetizes users.

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