How Did Royal Match Grow by 80%

From Dec 2022 to Aug 2023, Royal Match grew by 80% with 8 game-changing updates.
Here are 3 out of the 8 updates, with a focus on the psychological strategies Royal Match applied:
Loss Aversion: fear of losing
With the Super Light Ball active, players are motivated to spend to avoid losing this valuable bonus, especially as levels are 45% easier with it.

Consistency Principle: building habits to spend
The Lava Quest challenge not only gets players into a routine of spending but also boosts their daily coin income. 50% of event coins come directly from this challenge.
Sunk Cost Fallacy: Reducing player stuck time
After 5 consecutive losses on a level, players can buy 10 extra moves for the price they'd usually pay for 5. This tactic makes them more inclined to spend, reducing the frustration of being stuck and pushing them to continue.

Want to see the data behind this? Check out our report. It's full of numbers about how players acted on 500 levels before and after these updates. It's all based on real data – a must-read for any game professional.
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