Boosting Virality with Irresistible Free Subscriptions

The game Empires&Puzzles by Zynga has an innovative approach to attracting new users and increasing the game's virality. Through friend invitations, players can obtain a subscription! By inviting friends to join the adventure and helping them reach level 10, the inviting player unlocks an exciting reward—a subscription to elevate their gaming experience.
The more friends the player invites, the longer his subscription duration becomes, with a staggering potential of 120 days of free subscription.
Engagement through milestone definition
The new user must reach level 10. Determine what level a new player needs to reach in your game to understand the benefits of the game and be more likely to stay in it. Reaching this milestone allows players to fully grasp the game's benefits, making them more likely to remain actively involved and committed to the experience.
Tempting offer = retention
Retaining existing users becomes more feasible when they receive enticing rewards, such as a subscription.
A new player will also receive a VIP subscription for 10 days, but earlier - when he reaches level 5 in the game.
Building a spending habit through a subscription
A player who receives a free subscription with valuable resources is more likely to develop a habit of spending within the game. It also increases the willingness to make in-game purchases.
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