Task System Recommendations Inspired by Jackpot Party's Winning Formula

SciPlay has made significant strides in improving the game experience for its Jackpot Party players. In 2022, they introduced an innovative new task system in various game events, which contributed to the game's phenomenal revenue growth. We looked at this system and created the following list of recommendations for you.

  1. Create a list of tasks that involve the player in various features and events of the game.
  2. Include monetization tasks. Identify which player actions drive the game's revenue and make sure you have call-to-action for them in the list of your daily tasks. For example, add such tasks as spin 100 times with the highest bets, make a purchase, etc.
  3. Update the list of daily tasks to provide a sense of new experiences and incentivize players to return every day.
  4. Divide tasks into stages. To enhance player engagement and motivation, consider breaking tasks into stages that appeal to different types of players. Designate a minimum number of daily tasks that, once completed, unlock access to special tasks and a bigger prize. These special tasks can add variety to gameplay and incentivize the most active players to spend more time, boosters, and in-game currency.
  5. Reward player for each completed task. It will motivate the player to take action. A prize for completing several tasks will help increase the session's length and the player's involvement.
  6. Add delayed rewards that players can use in the future to increase retention.
  7. Provide additional short-term and long-term goals through events with tasks. Add events with tasks for which players will have a different amount of time. This will allow you to build a plan of action for the player and improve your engagement and retention strategy. Ensure that his daily contribution to the game counts as a contribution to long-term events.

The mechanics of daily quests, implemented through various events, play a decisive role in the growth of the game's revenue. These challenges guide players through their daily gameplay plan and create triggers for engagement, retention, and monetization. They also help to form the habit of returning to the game by using various functions and participating in activities.

For further analysis of the task system have a look at the detailed live-ops data about all events, features, and offers for Jackpot Party Casino Slots which are available for free in Playliner until March 28, 2023.