3 Most Interesting New Game Releases (January 2024)

We have reviewed 30 new releases from top developers and identified the three most interesting ones. The article focuses on the unique and intriguing concepts employed in these games.

1. Puzzles & Passports

Big Fish Games soft-launched the game Puzzles & Passports. This is a game with the standard Match-3 mechanic and the meta mechanic of traveling: the player builds famous structures from all over the world.

Tripstagram: Fun Trivia + Periodic Bonus

The game has a Tripstagram section (reminiscent of Instagram): the section contains posts with interesting facts about the buildings constructed by the player. In the meta mechanic, the player recreates famous buildings from around the world. After construction, many posts about this building appeared in the Tripstagram section.

The player can like every post. For 5 likes, they receive a reward — boosters. The reward can be received every 8 hours.

Tripstagram in Puzzles & Passports

Find Your Celebrity Doppelgänger

The main concept of Puzzles & Passports is the interconnection between the real world and the game. For example, the 'Find Your Celebrity Doppelgänger' feature creates an immersive experience because players are already familiar with this from real-world social networks. There are several other innovative features that make this game very promising.
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2. Wordscapes Solitaire

PeopleFun soft-launched the game Wordscapes Solitaire. The game's core mechanic combines 2 genres: Solitaire and Word Puzzle. Clearing a certain level unlocks a new location. Each location is a new country. When the player moves to a new location, only the background changes.

Letter Cards Instead of Playing Cards

What is borrowed from Solitaire
  • The levels are arranged the same way as in Solitaire. The player is given a set of cards, some of which are face-up. And there is an extra deck that can be used in case of difficulty.
  • The player wins if they clear all the cards from the board.
  • If the player is unable to clear all cards from the board, they lose.
What is borrowed from Word Puzzle
  • Instead of playing cards, the player is offered cards with letters.
  • The player makes words from letter cards.
  • Cards used to create a word are removed from the board.

Wordscapes Solitaire level gameplay

The game is very minimalist yet includes a complete set of features expected for this genre — such as boosters, level mechanics, collections, and level challenges.

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3. Candy Crush: Blast!

King soft-launched the game Candy Crush: Blast! with the core mechanic of Match-2. This is their second new product in December after Candy Crush 3D.
The game is placed in a setting familiar to players, with characters and game elements from past games. There are no meta mechanics yet, and no monetization.

Bonuses For Dynamism And Emotions

The player always has access to combinations that create bonuses on the field. The player is able to create and activate them all the time.
Player is bombarded with bonuses, which distracts from the level goals
Bonuses create a dynamic picture and invoke positive emotions, but at the same time they distract from the level goals. The player gets carried away with creating bonuses and forgets about the goals.
This dynamism, combined with interesting visual solutions, creates an impressive look and feel.

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