Boost Player Engagement and Retention with Seasonal Passes

A variety of Seasonal Passes can help you improve the metrics of your game.

The new Super Booster bonus, which is chargeable, is now a part of the Premium Seasonal Pass rewards in Homescapes. This is the first time that a chargeable bonus as an event reward has been offered in any of the popular games of this genre. The developers are adding a Premium prize consisting of several parts to the Season Pass, which motivates players to progress through the stages.
Here are the benefits of creating a Season Pass with a Super Booster bonus as a Premium prize:

Motivation to purchase a Premium Pass. The chargeable bonus and its upgrades can only be obtained as part of paid rewards of the event with a seasonal pass. Upgrades can expand the action of the bonus to more levels. This type of reward will motivate players who want to gain an edge in the competition and progress through the game faster to make a purchase. Additionally, this type of reward may be more attractive to players who are tired of the usual decoration rewards.

Increased revenue. This type of Seasonal pass has a duration of seven days, and the event is repeated four times during the month. If the player enjoys it, they will likely buy it every week. In a month, the player will spend about 2.5 times more on the Season Pass than they did before.

Retention boost. A player can launch the booster once per day during the event, so they will try not to miss a single day.

Engagement in completing levels. The bonus is charged with every move the player makes on the level. As the player makes moves, the bonus bar fills up, and a bonus element appears on the field when it is filled. The Super Booster bonus gives players advantages in completing levels, and the player will try to complete as many levels as possible while it's active.

Furthermore, creating new decorations every month for the Season Pass requires more team resources. The Super Bonus Booster reward is developed once and repeated each second month (four times a month). Therefore, the game team has additional time and resources to create new features or improve existing ones.

By incorporating a Super Booster bonus as a Premium prize in the Seasonal Pass, Homescapes is offering a unique and attractive feature that can motivate players to continue playing and investing in the game.