Featured strategies of Toon Blast compared to Angry Birds Dream Blast

This approach can help to increase player engagement, retention, and monetization by providing new content and features in the best possible way. Let's analyze this approach by comparing the two games Toon Blast by Peak and Angry Birds Dream Blast by Rovio Entertainment Corporation.
According to AppMagic, Toon Blast has a cumulative revenue per download of $9.65, while Angry Birds Dream Blast only has $3.83. In 2022, Toon Blast's revenue was five times higher than that of Angry Birds Dream Blast, despite only having twice as many downloads.
We compared the calendar of events of these two games (see the picture for the post. Source Playliner)
The following features of Toon Blast's live-ops strategy, in our opinion, contribute to more effective user monetization:
1. The presence of special types of events drives game monetization. Toon Blast offers a mini-game events and a separate gameplay event, both of which encourage players to spend more currency and contribute to the game's revenue growth.

2. Offers specifically designed for events are an effective tactic for increasing revenue. Toon Blast has implemented a team competition event that takes place every weekend and is accompanied by a special offers. If a player purchases this offer, all team members receive a bonus.

3. Prioritization of events and their appearance in the game. There is an event that motivates players to complete new levels, and it is active every weekend when users spend the most time playing and are more likely to pay for an enhanced gaming experience.