How to grow from zero to $400K daily?

Here's how it was done in Match Factory game →

Match Factory is a new game from Peak in the Match 3D genre. Since its launch, the game's daily revenue has grown to $400k.

We deconstructed the reasons behind the game's success from a product perspective. Match Factory combines the best practices of top games and introduces its own adjustments. Here are the key points:

1. New standards for the core Match 3D mechanic: More detailed and dynamic.

2. Strong paywall boosts monetization after 8 hours of play.

3. Adaptive level difficulty makes each attempt after losing easier, reducing frustration from losing too much.

4. Very active rivals in the tournament and streak benefits in events encourage purchases when losing.

There are other interesting solutions that Peak implemented in their new game. Read the full analysis in our latest report, available for free and without the need to fill out any forms:
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