Boost revenue and conversions with Spades Plus by Zynga's non-standard offers

The non-standard offer is strategically crafted to increase the average check and conversion, helping to unlock higher revenue potential.
This exclusive non-standard offer is designed to drive maximum engagement, capitalize on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and optimize pricing strategies to maximize conversions.
The impact of an offer on monetization
  1. Increase in the average check.
  2. Increased conversion to dolphin and whale.
  3. FOMO. The player has only 30 seconds to decide.
  4. Offer strategically appears during these high-activity periods, enabling to tap into the enthusiasm and desire for maximum enjoyment. This way, you can capture players' attention when they are most likely to engage and spend in your game.
  5. The data-driven approach ensures that the price of non-standard offers is expertly calculated to optimize conversions.
Curious about the impact of non-standard offers in the casino gaming industry?
Our comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis of over 40 successful non-standard offers implemented in casino games.
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