Piggy bank for FREE

The Toon Blast has an event with the Piggy Bank mechanic. It would seem that everything is as usual, the player completes the levels, accumulates currency in the piggy bank, and they open it when a sufficient amount of in-game currency is accumulated.
So what's so special about it? The player gets the accumulated currency for free.
The player needs to earn a minimum of 100 coins and up to a maximum of 200 coins to break the piggy bank. For completing each level, the player receives five coins, which means that in 24 hours (the duration of the event), the player needs to complete 20-40 levels. Which leads to an increase in the duration and frequency of sessions.
The player spends more to complete the levels than they get in return. To clear this many levels, the player needs to spend boosters and buy additional moves.
The event is held once a week on a weekend when the player has the most time to play.
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