What's behind Angry Birds Dream Blast's recent success?

Linking your events in the game together will amplify your revenue. This can be seen e.g. when looking at how Rovio's Angry Birds Dream Blast has evolved during recent months. Rovio has successfully improved the events of the game; since May 2022, the income of this game is gradually increasing. By looking at the data found in Playliner SAAS, we see that the main changes that have been made to the game have to do with the Season Pass

Involvement in the various game events. Previously, the player received Season Pass points only for completing the levels. Now the player also receives Season Pass points as a reward for achievements in the game's events. Also, the player can buy Season Pass points in Stella's Store for a special currency, which he gets by passing the main levels.

In this way, the game involves players in all events, connecting players with different interests at one point of progress - the Season Pass. Thereby increasing retention, session duration, and session frequency. The more time a player spends in the game, the higher the chance of payment.

Whatever the player does in the game, he receives Season Pass points. This Season Pass points constantly remind him of the long-term event in the game, and stimulate him to be more active in the game in order to advance as far as possible in the Season Pass to not lose the opportunity to receive rewards.

Monetization. A player can receive Season Pass points as part of the offer.

Changes in the event economy. The game team is actively experimenting with the number of Season Pass points that a player can get for completing the main levels. They are also experimenting with the number of Season Pass points that a player must earn to complete each of the stages of the Season Pass. All this allows them to more effectively motivate players to spend boosters and in-game currency to achieve the goal. Thus increasing the income of the game. Their mechanics of changing the economy of the event 2 weeks before its end is a great way to increase the motivation of the players.

All this allowed increasing the monthly income of the game by one and a half times. This once again proves the huge impact of the Season Pass and the importance of constant experimentation with various components of the event to optimize the income of the game.

By researching the reasons for the increase in income in one game, you can significantly increase the income in your game. Many of the insights you get could be applied to the games of other genres (like in the case of the linked events in Angry Birds Dream Blast). 

You can study in detail all the changes that have taken place in the Angry Birds Dream Blast on our platformFree access to information on this game is available until January 3, 2023.