Monopoly Go's "Sky High Deals" Offer

Have you ever considered that with each offer you receive, you can unlock even more lucrative offers? That's exactly what "Sky High Deals" a rolling offer in Monopoly Go does.
Sequenced Deals, Limitless Excitement
The sequential unveiling of deals, ranging from free opportunities to premium offerings, is no mere coincidence. This strategic approach taps into our innate curiosity, prompting us to explore each deal as if it were a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked. By presenting these deals in a cascading fashion, Monopoly Go triggers a sense of intrigue, keeping players eagerly anticipating what's next.
The Element of Surprise
Oh, and the number of deals? It's a well-kept secret for a reason. Monopoly Go taps into our love for surprises, creating an air of mystery that fuels our excitement. Each deal is a fresh adventure, and not knowing how many are coming our way adds a dash of thrill to the mix.
Evolving Design for Engagement
By infusing freshness into each offer version, Monopoly Go taps into the "scarcity principle." Players understand that these offers are fleeting, triggering a fear of missing out (FOMO) that intensifies the desire to participate and make the most of the opportunity.
Impact on KPIs
By leveraging psychological triggers such as curiosity, surprise, and FOMO, this offer aims to boost player engagement metrics – daily active users, session length, and social interactions. Additionally, the varied offers, both free and premium, contribute to enhanced monetization strategies, catering to a broader player base and potentially increasing average revenue per user (ARPU).
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