Unique features and key insights - EverMerge

EverMerge by Big Fish Games is a mind-blowing game that offers abundant knowledge to acquire! The game has two unique features: 9 types of events with seasonal pass mechanics and an exceptional array of offers crafted for events that enhance their monetization.

Here are our key takeaways:

  • Engage players in various game mechanics. Each Season Pass event is tied to one or more game mechanics. Analyze which mechanics in your game are most in demand and bring the most income and use them.
  • Impose a time limit to the Season Pass to encourage constant player engagement. The deadline creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes users to remain active in the game to reap the rewards for their efforts.
  • Incorporate additional mechanics into events, particularly when multiple Season Passes are available in the game, to keep players captivated. Add actions and elements to the event that will allow you to increase the number of player steps before earning Season Pass points. In the Evremerge game, such an event is the Submarine Challenge. A player has to open chests and chop obstacles to find fuel tanks, then merge tanks to fuel different subs and send them to dive to collect treasures.
  • Introduce timed mechanics into events to increase the frequency of play sessions and improve player retention.
  • Monetize extra steps in events. When introducing extra steps or mini-games into an event, consider additional monetization opportunities. For example, in Evermerge, players can upgrade their submarines.
  • Generate personalized special offers that include premium currency and event currency to boost game revenue. Ensure that there are special offers tailored to every type of paying player.
  • Enter two paid Season Passes. Offer both a simple Season Pass and a Premium Pass that provides more benefits to players. This strategy will elevate Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) and boost conversions.
For further insights on EverMerge have a look at the detailed live-ops data about all events, features, and offers, available for free in Playliner until April 13, 2023.