A case study of battler games: the most popular genre on current top grossing lists on Google Play and App Store.

"Battlers" are one of the most popular and profitable mobile game genres. As of July 2016, battler games occupy 18% of US top grossing list on Google Play and 15% on AppStore. The share of battler games on top lists has been substantial for the last two years.

The share (%) of battler games on US top grossing lists for the last two years.

The gameplay in battler games is built around creating a strong team to win battles and tournaments and acquire top places on gamer rating lists.


The two main components of these games are battles and hero upgrade schemes. We have analyzed 50 top grossing battlers on the US market to create this report where you will find:

  • information on the distribution of various battle type mechanics;

  • analysis of the most popular methods used to upgrade heroes;

  • analysis of hero stats and the ways they can be leveled up;

  • possible future development of battle mechanics;

  • various battle types described and illustrated with game examples;

  • image description

    Genre Case Study: Battler Gamesfree

    • USA
    • Mobile
    • 29 pages

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