In early 2015 some game developers started developing the analytical platform called Playliner. We have been in the gaming industry business for more than 10 years, creating browser, social and mobile games. Every time we launched a new project or wanted to upgrade an existing one, we had to analyze the functionality of third party games to gain a better understanding of what to aim for and which modules to work on.

That was how we started studying all the commercially successful games and filling our database, with consequent analysis of the data. As our analytics team grew, we started expanding and adjusting our database, defining the trends and the popularity of various game modules. As of today, we have done an in-depth analysis of more than 1000 games and a less detailed study of 10000 games from US top-grossing lists on Google Play and App Store. These are the games we use in our analytical reports.

Our goal is to study and analyze the functionality of games that have proven to be a success on various platforms, in various countries, regions and across the world. In our regular global reports for developers, publishers and analysts we focus on the information that can be applied in practice.


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